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It Spring and the Dame's Rocket are up

Dame's Rocket Just a few warm days and we start to see a little green out there. Today on my hike in the woods, a noticed the skunk cabbages were blooming. Now the don't look like your common flower. The are one of the few plants that blooms before the leaves come out. They are a few inches across and about three to four inches high but are hard to see because they blend in so well with the ground and other debri on the ground. They only grow in swampy area. In the same area as the skunk cabbage grows I pick a few tiny wild onions, not the leeks that will be about abundantly in just a few week. These are much milder and have small round bulbs about the size of a pencil pea or a little bigger. I also picked some tender young Dame's Rocket leaves. The first time I ever ate these was last year. It took me a bit of research to find out if they were edible. When they bloom later in spring they are very pretty and have a lovely fragrance that you can smell in the evening