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Shopping for Health Insurance…at Walmart?! |

Shopping for Health Insurance…at Walmart?! | "In the next week, the nation’s largest retailer is launching a health insurance buying service in 2,700 of its stores. The initiative is being called 'Healthcare Begins Here.' They’re actually contracting with a third party called  DirectHealth . com  to help you do the shopping. Of course, Walmart is not itself getting into the health insurance business,  nor are they earning any commissions. They're just doing this to get bodies in their stores and to fill a gap in the marketplace because many people are confused about the new health care options.  "

How To Get Generic Drugs Even Cheaper |

How To Get Generic Drugs Even Cheaper | "Warehouse clubs offer cheap prescriptions to non-members A new report from  The Florida Sun Sentinel  finds the price of a prescription can vary by as much as $170 for a 30-day supply. A reporter named  Doreen Christensen called around to price a Lexapro prescription at a variety of retailers. Here's what she found:   "Costco  $6.99;  CVS  $114.99;  Publix  $118;  Sam’s Club  $83; Target   $147.99; Walgreens  $116.99;  Walmart   $115.88 and  Winn-Dixie  $179.99." The beauty of Costco is you don't need to be a member to use their pharmacy. Simply show up and explain you want a prescription filled. Many Costcos have a separate entrance for their pharmacies to accommodate walk-in non-members."