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Generating electricity with a bicycle

Any one who knows me, knows that I have used bikes as a major part of my transportation for much of my life. I supose this comes from living for over 25 years in Taiwan and Japan where bike riding is  not a sport but a form of transportation. I own a dozen or more bikes. One for each occasion. As well as have 1/2 doz bike trailers. Both commercial and ones I have built. As a experment in Japan I  onces did a house move using nothing but my bike and bike trailer I had built. Yes, even for the Japanese this was extreme and did get me strange looks.
People often ask me what about generating electricity with pedal power. I tell them I'm going to start an exercise gym. Instead of people just "throwing" away their energy I'm going to charge them to generate my electricity as they loose pounds. Of course this would never work because as soon as they found out I was going to sell what they were throwing out they would not pay me any more.
Anyone who has dabbled in energy kn…

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