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Self Publishing and Why You Don't Need an ISBN

Self publishing is very possible and an excellent Frugal Prosumer project. I have self published three books, co-authored another, and helped over 1/2 doz people publish their own book. I, like many others, thought I had to have an ISBN number from Bowker, which you have to purchase. I paid $250 for ten numbers. Read this very good article about  Why You Don't Need an ISBN, and What you Should Buy Instead at Will Entrekin dot com In summary it says: Long and short: as an independent author publishing digitally, you’ll do better ignoring any of Bowker’s offerings–including its “self-publishing services” and investing instead in founding your own small press as an LLC and legal entity. First : if you want your print book on shelves in either bookstores or libraries, you’ll need an ISBN. For this reason, corporate publishers–big publishers–definitely need an ISBN. Publishers who print books and ship them using the returns system need ISBNs. It’s how stock and sales are tracke

Watcha gettin?

Burdock plant without the burs I was out looking for some Plantain (which this isn't) one time and a fellow came along. I could tell he was on the shy side but he managed to verbalize his thoughts. "Whatcha gettin? " he said as he slowly walked by with his aged dog. "Plantain" I said. That seemed to satisfy him. Or he was totally rejoicing in his extrovertedness in an introverted kinda way. At any rate, whatcha gettin fits what I will be posting about as I get this and that from our property as well as "other places". You all remember burdock and it's cling on factor. Well those burs aren't quite ready yet but I had a plant where I didn't want it so I dug it up and harvested the root. Burdock root can be used to treat gout, rheumatism, ulcers, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. The last two problems were what I was interested in. So I cleaned and cut up the root and put a few pieces in some water to boil for about half an hour. It turned the

New Free open source web based main mapping software

App of the Week : Mindmup | Time Management Ninja I'm a big advocate of mind mapping as a Frugal Prosumer Tool. Here is a free one. Mindmup is clean and simple. As they describe, it allows for frictionless capture of ideas and projects. It is not bloated with unneeded features. The UI stays out of your way and lets you get your ideas out. Mindmup saves to the cloud and provides Google Drive integration. You can share your maps with others, and even embed them in your website. If you are looking for a free and quick way to create a mind map, try out  Mindmup.

Prepaid Cell Phones - No Contract Cell Phones | Republic Wireless

A  Prepaid Cell Phones - No Contract Cell Phones from Republic Wireless  that you might want to consider. Here is one review of it.