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Were John and I teach some of the Frugal Prosumer ideas we have acquired over the years.

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Mary's Cart

This video gives you a little history behind what John is now calling Mary's Cart.
John has been biking and building bike and hand carts for most of our married life (As of today 44 years).
When we lived in Japan, John built a special bike cart to see if we could do a complete household move by bike. Yes even in Japan that was a strange sight.
After hundreds of hours of research and testing he thinks he came up with the ultimate design that even an inexperienced person could build.
Thus he called on me to make it. You can see those videos at:

Rose Petal Honey sweety

I had a real treat for breakfast today. I spread some homemade rose petal honey on my toast. The fragrant petals came from my garden. I have about 24 rose plants. I used to be a rose snob and only allowed the scented ones on the property. Now however, I appreciate each for their own uniqueness.

Make sure you don't use any roses that have been sprayed. I know, you don't want those pesky bugs eating them but share a bit and you get the rest. I don't even apply the bug killer to the soil that lasts for a few months. I used to and did have good success with my roses. But for this time when I use the roses in my honey and products, I will hold off. You can thank me now.

Okay, it's really easy to make this honey:
Pick a bunch of Rose Petals. Wild rose, domesticated, rugosa… any fragrant rose will do.Fill any size jar with the petals. Make it a light pack. Not too few, but not in really tight either.Pour honey into the jar until it is full. Cap the jar.Turn the jar over every…

What to do on a cold cold day

I love all things that sparkle. Here is a fun project for you, the kids, you and the kids.

Brought to you by nature's freezer. And we have had our share of it here in Wisconsin!

A Frugal Prosumer Day

A short video showing a typical day at our Frugal Prosumer house. its one of our older videos on old equipment. In electronic years forever ago. Bear with the Blurry.

Mary does Plantain

Collecting and using Plantain in our yard.
Plantain is one of our most used herbs. I have been using if for about forty some years mostly in a salve by itself or with a few other herbs. Just fresh out of the ground it will stop the pain of a bug sting or bite and help heal up a cut. It's pleasantly plentiful in our yard.

Mary Does Sprouts

We have been growing all kinds of sprouts for over 30 years. We have done it many different ways and trying all kinds of kits but we always come back to the simple and cheapest way. Using canning jars. Let show you how we do it.

Here is a video on how we do it.

Sprouts are very young plants. They are grown for about a week, and eaten while they still have many of the nutritional reserves for growth. They have been called a miracle food and nature’s most perfect food.

Sprouts are very inexpensive (even when organic), always fresh (they grow until you chew them) and have the potential to help solve hunger and malnutrition problems in our communities and in developing countries. The are rich in nutrients, affordable, and easy to transport before sprouting. Sprouts are precious in winter, whenthe quality of fresh fruits and vegetables is declining as their price increases. Low Cost- Only 25 to 50 cents per pound of greens!Organic Greens- all year round, in any climate, everywhere.Healthy- No…

The other “C”

Recently John and I have been going through the book by Jordan Peterson, “Twelve Rules for Life: An antidote to Chaos”. He is a Canadian professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, and now a world wide speaker. Tremendous perspective, practicality, and permission to do right and be the best you can while you can. Of course so much more but worth our time to read, listen to, interact and take away what’s worth keeping. Which is a fair amount.

There are more developments in the cancer chaos of our lives. It is “our” cancer. We are one in it. John asked this morning if what he is dealing with is harder than what I am going through in this journey. Let me think. In some ways yes, and the other he owns that part that is messing with his body. And yet when I watch and listen and help, I will feel a deep hurt.

Chemo is once again knocking at the door and will take place within the next week or so. Chaos to his body. Chaos to our life’s schedule (where do we ha…

Mary's Songs

Mary's Songs

Written and sung by Mary

Feel free to copy, download, and share with others.

   1. Brother to Sister  2. The Answer  3. Jesus 5. Long Ago

All Mary's Songs

So Much Info So LittleTime

I have come to a different kind of “throwing up my hands”. It is more of an omission to myself that I don’t have the knowledge nor expertise to put together a “cancer cure”program. I admit I don’t know that. We are faced with so many answers to John’s cancer. Whether it’s a friend that shares what they read on a cancer cure or even the access I have myself to articles, summits, webinars, on natural healing. All interesting, some frustrating, many financially undoable. The mega blah blah blah of the airwaves.
However, I’m not responsible for John’s death. But I do have the privilege to assist his living. His quality of living. For one minute one day at a time. In those moments or hours of pain to reach out and use my hands to administer the treatments. Like oil rubs carefully massaged to his aching back and feet. I know how to do that! I can do that! I know it puts him in a state of much-needed relaxation.  I offer him my half of our failing memories dedicated to remembering what is impor…

Our Cancer Journey

“No one takes the journey alone. At least no one should” A quote from someone famous.
Friends and family have been asking so we thought we need to bring people up to date on Johns cancer condition.
Starting in March of 2016:Tumor removal on the spine Stage 4.4 cancerNerve paralysis to his lower bodyLearning to walk againChemo started soon after his return home from the hospital Hormone shots every few months to keep the testosterone from feeding the cancerA summer and part of fall “dealing”with the effects of chemo as well as getting on his feet again Benefiting from the good shape he was in that affected his recovery in a positive way.Physical therapy appointmentsScans, blood tests, MRIs, etc, wash, rinse ...repeatScary situations sending us to the emergency rooms and more tests. Caring staff wherever we landedAnd now for the here and now. The PSA has been climbing again. Little climbs are watchable. Big jumps are cause for concern and evidently enough now to put chemo back on the ag…

Anniversary Zone

A couple weeks before and after an anniversary we have what we call the anniversary zone. We do this because too often the day of celebration is interrupted by something unexpected.(We do this for birthdays too.)

This year for our anniversary zone we decided to do all we can eat restaurants. Of course a Frugal Prosumer’s, all you can eat restaurant has a slightly different definition. Mary calls it all you care to eat or want to eat which adds up to a few bucks a piece.

The locations require very little of you socially or economically yet are relaxing. We had so much fun doing this we thought we would just make a video about it.