When I Walk

When I go out for a walk

A long walk

To the beach

Through the woods


I hold the hands of Hansel grief

Of Greta sorrow

I walk long and far

I want to leave them somewhere

Abandon them

Shake them off

They may find their way home soon enough

But I need breathing space

At some point in my wandering 

and distractions

And rejuvenation

I may stop thinking of those children 

I may notice there are other things 

Nice things

Renewing things

And instead of holding their hands or them clutching my legs

My hands are free 

To hold some sand

To pick a rock

To stroke a leaf

To hold it and admire it

I didn’t realize that breath that I let out was in there 

wow, that took up a lot of space

I didn’t realize the tears had nowhere to go