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Soldier of Luxury

A very good article that helps understand the Frugal Prosumer Philosophy of Live Rich on Less Read it at:  Soldier of Luxury | Mr. Money Mustache This concept of “I can be absolutely happy, with virtually nothing” is critically important to unlocking your mind from the little cage that consumer society welds around it. Most people are still stuck at, “I can be absolutely happy, if I just strike it rich and famous like the stars on TV.” Accomplished high-income people improve on this a little, saying “I will be truly happy – as soon as I have about twice what I have right now.” With a bit more wisdom, you can get to “I can be truly happy, with exactly my life right now. Nothing more, nothing less.” This is not a bad place to be, but the freedom to make positive change comes when you realize, “I can be happy with  anything , I don’t need all this fluff that I have now. I am completely free to find happiness with any level of spending, consumption, complexity – or simplicity –

You don't have to wait to 65 to retire

Those that know me will always hear me say you don't retire when you're 65 or whatever. But you retire when passive income exceeds expenses. Therefore if your expenses are $1 a year you can retire when you're passive income is two dollars it's that simple. Here's a good article about how another guy who has a very similar philosophy. He retired at age 30.