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Mary Roasts Coffee Beans

With the right equipment roasting your own beans is easy. We have been buying the roasted beans for a couple years and enjoy the fresh ground taste. But with our roaster it brings us to a new level of delightfullness. Our friend found the roaster at a thrift shop for the frugal prosumer sum of $8. He gifted us with it for Christmas. Yippee! We have a nephew who roasts on a bigger level and has shared the raw beans with us for our experimenting. He is happy to share with us who his suppliers are too. Awwwwww, the morning brew. Are we coffee snobs yet?

Mary Makes Antiseptic Room Spray

Mary shows you how how simple it is to make Antiseptic Room Spray to keep germs away.

Learning the Frugal Prosumer way

We've been contemplating the cost of education. And since we like to begin close to home we wondered what the numbers would have been had we as well as our son not done it the Frugal Prosumer way. In reflecting on our 50 years of working in educational institutes around the world, starting an alternative school, and John obtaining a masters degree in education and being a consultant, we thought about how important it is to understand the most efficient ways to learn. The Frugal Prosumer way is about doing things as efficiently as possible so you have more time to invest in what is most important to you. Learning is no exception, so let's look at the most effective ways to learn and get the most bang out of your investment. When you think of learning, what pops into your head? Classrooms, piles of expensive text books to read, listening to lectures? But of the different methods of learning, reading and lectures are the least efficient. Active learning is significantly mo

Allelon & Investing in Social Capital

As a frugal Prosumer I believe my most important investment is social capital.  Social capital is created by practicing Allélón  ( Greek word for one another) Social capital isn’t a new idea, although the term itself is relatively recent. In the past we’ve called it other things: goodwill, fellowship, community. The concept existed in ancient cultures as “the golden rule”, or the Biblical admonition to do unto others as you’d have them do unto you  (practicing Allelon) . “The core idea of social capital theory is that social networks have value,” writes Robert Putnam in Bowling Alone. “Just as a screwdriver ( physical capital ) or a college education ( human capital)  can increase productivity (both individual and collective), so too social contacts affect the productivity of individuals and groups…Social capital refers to the connections among individuals — social networks and the norms of reciprocity and trustworthiness that arise from them. You create social cap

Mary makes a garden cart-- Part 1 Wheels

So John wants me to make my own garden cart cause it’s simple don’t cha know? He’s been making carts off and on for years and I really like this design. If you’ve seen the firewood video you will understand how cool this one is. Anyway, he informs me that I don’t get to practice and he gives me the tools and well,,,,,,um,,,,,I start working. Seriously, this is not staged. I’d like to see some of you get those wheels off a bike in two minutes. ...which turned into more. But I did have fun, and John did roll his eyes a bit. Stay tuned. I’m sure you’ll be laughing with me. But the cart is truely worth the work. Here is the link to part 2:

Mary Does Firewood

I learn how to use a battery operated chainsaw, pole  pic, Pulp hook, and log splitter. 

Best Kept Secret of Early Retirees, Wealthy, & Happy People

A very good article from one of my favorite bloggers,  TheWealthyAccountant . I have learned much from him and he writes about many things I think similar about but he is much better written them me. The Best Kept Secret of Early Retirees, the Wealthy, and Happy People APRIL 3, 2016 The day is April 2nd, a Thursday. A small bar attached to a bowling alley next to the college has Happy Hour until 7 p.m. A young man who would someday be known as the Wealthy Accountant attended Macro-Economics at the college across the way. Class was held on Tuesday and Thursday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. A group of students, led by the junior wealthy accountant, ambushed the professor, convincing him to cut breaks short and end class at 6:50 so the group could race to the bar called  The Image  before Happy Hour ended. It was important to the students to make Happy Hour. The Image had free tacos if you bought a drink and a full meal for the price of one soda was one heck of a deal. Our junior weal

The Frugal Prosumer Hot Tub

If you can't afford that $6,000 Hot Tub

Mary teaches how to make Eggs on a Raft

Laugh your way to breakfast. Seriously? Who wrote that? Anyway, why shouldn’t breakfast be fun?We have been making these for years. Get the kids involved. Think outside the slice. Use a cookie cutter shaped like a heart for Valentine’s Day. Or whatever. Not much more to say here. Watch and learn. Hee hee

Maple syrup time

 Mitch keeping the cooker going Maple syrup and other things we did that day 25 gallons got us about 2 quarts  of maple syrup. Sprouts, marmalade  and yogurt made in the instant pot,  fresh eggs,  venison jerky, and chaga from the Birchtree

Frugal prosumer soaping

     I'll catch ya up on th next blog, but at four in the morning lying here in bed, John wants me to enter something to try out the blog on the iPad. Okay. This tar in a pot is some charcoal soap I am making. Scary isn't it? Yes you can actually wash with it. And actually it is good for problem skin. I made a small batch to give it the old college try. Kinda pretty. I'll let them dry on the racks for a week just to let some more of the water evaporate out of them. They are ready to use now however. So I tried it out. Nice lather, soft and silky and did not, I repeat, did not leave my hands all black. Hee hee. And my hands felt all soft. That's the frugal prosumer project for the day. I will put it in my little home shop for sale. Want some???