Frugal prosumer soaping

 I'll catch ya up on th next blog, but at four in the morning lying here in bed, John wants me to enter something to try out the blog on the iPad. Okay.
This tar in a pot is some charcoal soap I am making. Scary isn't it?
Yes you can actually wash with it. And actually it is good for problem skin.

I made a small batch to give it the old college try.
Kinda pretty.
I'll let them dry on the racks for a week just to let some more of the water evaporate out of them. They are ready to use now however.

So I tried it out. Nice lather, soft and silky and did not, I repeat, did not leave my hands all black. Hee hee. And my hands felt all soft.
That's the frugal prosumer project for the day. I will put it in my little home shop for sale. Want some???