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Mary's Songs

Mary's Songs Written and Sung by Mary Recording by Jamison Stokdyk Feel free to copy, download, and share with others   1. Brother to Sister   2. The Answer  3. Jesus   4. Long Ago   5. Give Thanks to The Lord   6. He Did It   7. The Stars Never Fail   8. Peter   9. Benjamin's Lullaby 10. Radiant With Joy 11. The Vine 12. He's Coming Back 13. Put This On 14. Peter Do You Love Me 15. The Lighthouse      16. Sunshine and Daffodils 17. Down By The River 18. Give Thanks Sound Track

So Much Info So LittleTime

I have come to a different kind of “throwing up my hands”. It is more of an omission to myself that I don’t have the knowledge nor expertise to put together a “cancer cure”program. I admit I don’t know that. We are faced with so many answers to John’s cancer. Whether it’s a friend that shares what they read on a cancer cure or even the access I have myself to articles, summits, webinars, on natural healing. All interesting, some frustrating, many financially undoable. The mega blah blah blah of the airwaves. However, I’m not responsible for John’s death. But I do have the privilege to assist his living. His quality of living. For one minute one day at a time. In those moments or hours of pain to reach out and use my hands to administer the treatments. Like oil rubs carefully massaged to his aching back and feet. I know how to do that! I can do that! I know it puts him in a state of much-needed relaxation.  I offer him my half of our failing memories dedicated to remembering

Our Cancer Journey

“No one takes the journey alone. At least no one should” A quote from someone famous. Friends and family have been asking so we thought we need to bring people up to date on Johns cancer condition. Starting in March of 2016: Tumor removal on the spine Stage 4.4 cancer Nerve paralysis to his lower body Learning to walk again Chemo started soon after his return home from the hospital Hormone shots every few months to keep the testosterone from feeding the cancer A summer and part of fall “dealing”with the effects of chemo as well as getting on his feet again Benefiting from the good shape he was in that affected his recovery in a positive way. Physical therapy appointments Scans, blood tests, MRIs, etc, wash, rinse ...repeat Scary situations sending us to the emergency rooms and more tests. Caring staff wherever we landed And now for the here and now. The PSA has been climbing again. Little climbs are watchable. Big jumps are cause for concern and evidently enough now