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Does your Insurance Plan violate the investors rule of: Not having all your eggs in one basket.

Leaving our insurance or as we like to call it, preparedness, only in the hands of the professionals opens us up to potential abuse and far too often leads to enriching them instead of ourselves. At times we need and want professionals and the consumer way of someone doing it for us. The Frugal Prosumer’s way of Living Rich on Less is educating oneself on the many free or low cost alternatives to “commercial” insurance.
At the same time The Frugal Prosumer understands:
The need to keep the balance between the extremes of blindly following the professionals and trying to do it all oneself.The need of community and relationships to help carry this out.The deceptions used to take ones wealth and freedom.    Most of us are concerned about being prepared for the future and insurance is a big part of this.  Unfortunately, too many people think of insurance as only an insurance policy you buy from a company. Insurance, or being prepared as we like to call it, can take many forms.
We …

Global Buckets

Here is another way to "save the world" with recycled plastic buckets. Check out Global Buckets web site on how to use two recycled buckets to grow food in when you don't have the available ground space.
Here is their video.

The Frugal Prosumer talks about college and debt


Live Free

From John's Book "The Frugal Prosumer Debt Workbook"

   In America, we have life and liberty, but do we really have the ability to pursue happiness? Why do few find happiness, and so many trade away liberty? Time is money and once spent it can never be replaced. Too many people don’t know how to invest their time to free themselves. Instead they are spending it in a way that does not lead to true happiness. Folks are chained to debt while freedom lies within arms reach. Can and will you be open to a new way of thinking?

   A commonly held belief is that money brings you freedom. Most of today’s families will earn a million dollars or even more in their lifetime. That means that all of us have the potential to be millionaires! The “million dollar” question is, how much of that are you actually going to keep?

   Financial freedom is not about how much money you earn. It is about how well the money is
managed. Many define wealth by possessions. They consider someone rich i…