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Comfrey poultice

This is actually the second day of poulticing it. The first day John was too busy crying and I was too busy screaming. Not really. We didn’t think of doing a video until the second day. Before we thought of the poultice we did the immediate application of an ice bag to the area and elevating. So remember that. How long did I leave it on each time?  About 10 to 15 minutes. Then reapply in an hour. You can just put the poultice in a plastic bag and refrigerate it as ours was still mushy wet. Comfrey has been our friend for many a year. I use it in my healing salve as well as poultices . Hop on the internet and start your research of this fantastic plant.

How a Frugal Prosumer Heats His House for Free

This is an article John & I wrote back in 2009. It is a true story of real people. The names have been changed as some people get their undies in a bundle and try to cause trouble for those who are different and do things out of the ordinary. This is a story about Prosumer, his wife, FinalFrontier, and their high school aged son, WildThing and how they live a prosumer lifestyle. These are all true stories that could be taking place in a neighborhood near you. Some of the facts and figures have been adjusted to protect the identity and privacy of the individuals mentioned and to minimize the opportunity for the master consumers to silence the voices of the master prosumers. Today we are going to take a peek at how TheProsumers heat their house for free. No! That is, how they get paid to heat their house and get a tax break for doing it! To be a master prosumer you need to develop the habit of not only killing two birds with one stone, but killing a dozen birds with half a st

How to Build an Energy Efficent House

Thinking of building a house or remodeling. Here are some principles for useing very little energy? Here’s the details Extremely Well Insulated – Around all exterior surfaces, including below ground. Virtually Airtight Construction – The building envelope in a Passive House is extremely airtight in order to prevent the infiltration of outside air and loss of inside, heated, conditioned air. The envelope is measured and tested with a blower-door test during and after construction to ensure it meets this rigorous requirement Thermal Bridge Free Construction – Stops the transfer of heat and cold in the wall assemblies by breaking the thermal bridge. An easy way to understand this is that the cold air in winter (that you might feel on a window) is stopped from coming into the home and hot air or heat is stopped from transferring out of the house. Mechanical Ventilation – Accomplished by a constant supply of fresh, filtered outside air that is brought into the home while the st