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Cutting mango

It’s mango season and m angos are one of our favorite fruits.  Growing  up in Taiwan John fondly remembers the huge mango tree he had in his back yard.  When we lived in Pakistan "the mango man" would come several times a week with a basket of mangos for sale. Huge, delicious mangos and so many varieties. We have tried many different ways of cutting and serving mangos but this is one of the simplest. But be sure you have a very sharp knife. We use the amazing Rada knife sharpener. John has filleted a lot of fish so he thought he would try the same technique on a mango. Works nice. So fillet a mango and do the tango. A fancy way to serve a mango. Instead of cutting through the skin, cut to the skin and then cut crosswise. Then turn the mango inside out.

Wild Leek Festival 2018

We have been hosting the leek festival for about 20 years. Where the word festival might imply huge numbers of people, to us the word meant fun, discovery, foraging, experimenting and introducing people to one of the first spring tonics to appear. It always begins with whomever wants to pick leeks to take home with them. They come an hour earlier and head out to the woods to harvest. While they are gone, the other guests arrive with their dishes to share. The potluck will have several dishes prepared with the leek leaves and bulbs. But we aren’t leek snobs so any culinary delight is welcome. I, mary, prepare the greens John and I picked the day before so everyone can have a taste. They are soooooo yummy. These young greens are sweet and mildly garlicky. I simply chop them up and stir fry them in our big cast iron pan with some butter. Uuuuu la la. Another powerful spring green is nettles. I make a mild and pleasing tea with the leaves. Another way we have used leeks is to pickle