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Coffee time

Little rituals that make for happy life.

Ben and Taylors Wedding Transcript

Ben and Taylors Wedding Officiated by John Johnston (Known as Ben's Dad) Invocation Dear friends and family, tonight we are to witness and celebrate the union of Benjamin and Taylor. In the years that they have been together, their love for each other has grown, turning them into the couple you see before you.  Now, they are ready to spend the rest of their lives together as husband and wife. A true marriage begins well before the wedding day, and the efforts of marriage continue well beyond the ceremony.  A brief moment in time and the stroke of the pen are all that is required to create the legal bond of marriage, but it takes a lifetime of love, commitment, and compromise to make marriage durable and everlasting.  Today you declare your commitment to each other before family and friends. Dad’s speech I am greatly honored as Ben’s dad to be asked to do this. The name Johnston is supposed to mean John’s son. Well in our house we do it wrong. I am kn