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Mary Does Firewood

I learn how to use a battery operated chainsaw, pole  pic, Pulp hook, and log splitter. 

Best Kept Secret of Early Retirees, Wealthy, & Happy People

A very good article from one of my favorite bloggers,  TheWealthyAccountant . I have learned much from him and he writes about many things I think similar about but he is much better written them me. The Best Kept Secret of Early Retirees, the Wealthy, and Happy People APRIL 3, 2016 The day is April 2nd, a Thursday. A small bar attached to a bowling alley next to the college has Happy Hour until 7 p.m. A young man who would someday be known as the Wealthy Accountant attended Macro-Economics at the college across the way. Class was held on Tuesday and Thursday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. A group of students, led by the junior wealthy accountant, ambushed the professor, convincing him to cut breaks short and end class at 6:50 so the group could race to the bar called  The Image  before Happy Hour ended. It was important to the students to make Happy Hour. The Image had free tacos if you bought a drink and a full meal for the price of one soda was one heck of a deal. Our junior weal