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Mary makes Ricells

Mary had a little fumble face when she tried to explain where the ricells originated. Well, at one point in our history we had an alternative school running for other home schooled kids. And as you can see from the motto below we don’t know if it was “school” or not. But this was our underlining philosophy with our Ben. Maybe the motto can inspire you to an adventure with your kids.  We say we homeschool him through college but we don’t know if it was college because we didn’t even know it was high school or any other school. At one point his only curriculum was to start and run a business.  What’s this got to do with “ricells”?  THE SCHOOL OF NO SCHOOL  Where :  RACE  (Reality Adventure Challenge Education) is the curriculum. Where : The  students teach  & the teachers learn. Where : There are  no graduates  or degrees as the learning never stops Where : Every day is a Never Never Adventure. Never know  where  we’re going Never know  what  we’re going t

Mary Makes Mayonnaise (Y2K20 project)

Frugal prosumer Y2K20 activity. Mary makes her own much better then store bought mayonnaise.

Mary taps a maple tree and makes maple water lemonade

Frugal prosumer Y2K 20 activity. Mary taps a maple tree and also shows you how to make maple water lemonade.

Good Morning Y2K20

Good morning family and friends it’s Y2K20   (Year 2020) Today we all woke up to a day vastly different than just 72 hours ago. Possibly one of the greatest un-another events has happened.    Figure that one out. Think hard. The doors of churches are closed, a lot of kids are going to start homeschooling for the first time, many people are not allowed to go to the workplace, the Internet is an absolute necessity, store shelves are empty or almost empty. We all are going to be adjusting to the new normal. Some things will go back to normal and some things will never be the same again. Just remember change is always hard but often can be a great blessing in disguise. John and I have given this a lot of thought over the years about one-another being one of the main themes of our lives. Hebrews 10:25 “and let us consider how we can spur one another on to love and good deeds”. Our goal over the next few weeks is to share with you some of the things we have learned in our li

Mary makes pump bottle hand soap

I’ve been wanting to share my foaming hand soap with you’ll. With just a few ingredients you can have your own at a fraction of the cost.  And with the addition of some anti bacterial and affordable essential oils, you can do one more thing to help you in this season of the flu plus in light of the Coronavirus to be a tad bit more proactive.  John’s definitely got a compromised immune system with his cancer treatments for the last four years. Using the pump bottle has made it easier and more efficient I might add to do the constant hand washing the medical profession has told us to do. Oh and for you “environmentalists”, you can conserve on water as you don’t have to have the it running for that 20 seconds or so that you should be soaping up as the pump foam is already moist and you don’t have turn on the water until you rinse it off. So watch and learn eh? And hopefully soon the video on easy peezy antiseptic wipes.