Mary makes Ricells

Mary had a little fumble face when she tried to explain where the ricells originated. Well, at one point in our history we had an alternative school running for other home schooled kids. And as you can see from the motto below we don’t know if it was “school” or not. But this was our underlining philosophy with our Ben. Maybe the motto can inspire you to an adventure with your kids. 
We say we homeschool him through college but we don’t know if it was college because we didn’t even know it was high school or any other school. At one point his only curriculum was to start and run a business. 
What’s this got to do with “ricells”? 


WhereRACE (Reality Adventure Challenge Education) is the curriculum.
Where: The students teach & the teachers learn.
Where: There are no graduates or degrees as the learning never stops
Where: Every day is a Never Never Adventure.
    • Never know where we’re going
    • Never know what we’re going to do
    • Never know if we’re coming back.