Confusing Financial Information

Many financial publications provide a confusing array of money advice that covers every possible scenario. This broad sweep makes the information close to useless because the average person has to make complicated decisions they feel ill-equipped to make.

Our goal is to show you some specific simple things you can do. If you really must get into the philosophy, engineering, theology, and many possible scenarios, John is more than delighted to discuss these with you. However, we strive to just get the gems out of him and avoid asking and thereby “getting him going”.

We do not want to restrict your freedom to choose with the information we provide. Although we give specific ideas,we do not recommend that you blindly follow all that we do without understanding it or customizing it to your particular situation. Our goal is to provide you with a framework for making a decision.

Generally we have found that people want a simple answer without all the ins and outs of why.
Too many people are so overwhelmed with the many choices for spending or investing their money that they just freeze up. They want to know what specific action they can take.They prefer the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid). Oops, we’re not calling you stupid.

Our writings will get strong reactions from those whose livelihoods depend on making finances confusing so they can make more money on complicated items. The simple things we purport do not make them much money. But the ideas we put out there will help you get control of your finances with minimal effort and allow you to make better lifestyle decisions.

Ours are not new ideas. They are the same financial advise given throughout the centuries. Our contribution is taking tons of information and knowledge and boiling it down to simple things you can do today to build wealth and live free.

Do not become paralyzed with having to do the best or exactly right thing. It is more important that you do something.

You will notice that we use triangles to cover many subjects. That is because humans tend to remember threes better. Triangles are the base of strength for all structures. So we try to keep it as simple as 1-2-3. We don’t cover everything you need to know in life, but we give you tools and ideas. You don’t need to do them all immediately but you need to do something right away.

The next few blogs will give you some basic 1-2-3’s.

Something you can do today:
Calculate how much your cell phone costs you per minute by taking the total minutes actually used and dividing that into your total cell phone bill. If it’s more than ten cents a minute consider net-ten prepaid card. Tracfone is slightly more per minute but if you’re like us we don’t use it much (less than 50 minutes per month). Our yearly cell phone bill is only $80. That’s less than some peoples monthly bill.