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Wild Supper

Especially during the spring we eat wild edibles every day as a normal part of our meals. This meal is a not uncommon fare at our house. I haven't figured out yet if the "weeds" we deliberately let grow in our garden should be called wild or domestic. On the table is Lake Michigan salmon baked with wild leeks on top. The wine jug holds apple wine from last falls pressing of around a 1,000 pounds of wild apples. The greens are stir fried nettles, garlic mustard, dandelions. The salad is greens from our garden, violet leaves, etc.

Free non-credit courses from major universities available

Free non-credit courses from major universities available at

Cost of long-term elder care

If we haven't yet, most of us are going to have to deal with long-term elder care. Either someone in our family or ourselves. We have helped a number of people figure out Frugal Prosumer ways to do this. Here is a good article by Clark Howard on what it can cost.  Getting old is unaffordable | "Around two-thirds of Americans over age 65 will need long-term care, either through at-home health care services in the home or an assisted living facility or nursing home. Yet more than 90 percent of those surveyed in the Genworth Financial "2013 Annual Cost of Care" report haven't talked about critical long-term care issues with their spouse, partner or adult children." Remember a very high percent of long-term care is done by family members (especially moms). A little planning ahead in house design and how it will be handled can save lots of money and stress and even ones marriage. "Nursing facility care has increased more than $16,0

Coping with Financial Emergencies

Good article on  Coping with Financial Emergencies : "A great deal of financial advice is focused on keeping you out of trouble, but sometimes trouble happens. When it does, your attention should turn to handling that trouble as smoothly as possible." Six tips for coping with, and recovering from, a financial emergency: read the complete article. Preparation is the key. Be wary of sacrificing long-term assets for short-term needs Conduct immediate budget triage Don't burn bridges Prioritize your debt reduction Rebuild savings 

Easy ways to save on international travel

Article on  Easy ways to save on international travel  at Clark Howard's site.  Read this article  Easy ways to save on international travel  at Clark Howard's site for some money saving travel tips. Book at least three months in advance. Be as flexible as possible. Think outside the box. Stay at all-inclusives sparingly. Book an apartment instead of a hotel. Pick your restaurants carefully. Purchase multi-destination passes. "Go to the official tourism site for the city you'll be visiting and search for attractions passes, usually they have museums and dining discounts, and sometimes they even offer discounts on transportation."

Bridal Brokerage Beautiful Weddings for Less!

Bridal Brokerage Beautiful Weddings for Less! Over 250,000 weddings are called off every year. Bridal Brokerage finds new couples to take over canceled wedding contracts, saving money for buyers, sellers, and wedding vendors alike. As thousands have registered to purchase beautiful weddings at a fraction of the price, we’ve found another way to make weddings even more affordable. Wedding vendors are looking to fill their availability over the next 6 months. Gasp! Their wedding site says in 2012 the average wedding cost over $28,000. That’s almost as expensive as a year of college! The Frugal Prosumer knows how to put on a $28,000 wedding for well under that cost.

Frugal fatigue grips America and using iPhone to save money

Frugal fatigue grips America from    "The adoption rate of smartphones has changed how businesses do business with you and me. When I go into a store, I'm on my smartphone looking for an in-store discount or looking for a price match at other retailers so I can get it at that store. When I do this, I do a double search at both and and it saves me money about a third of the time. If you don't do that yet on your smartphone, you really ought to think about it." "A lot of Americans are tired of reducing spending after the last 6 years." Be sure to read Clark Howards blog or listen to his radio show. He is the ultimate Frugal Prosumer

According to the Affordable Care Act Who is required to have health insurance on Jan 1 2014

According to the Affordable Care Act everyone American except for the following are required to have health insurance on Jan 1 2014: Those who: Earn less than the income amount required to file taxes ($9,350 for an individual)  Belong to a religious group that opposes acceptance of benefits provided by a health insurance policy  Belong to a health sharing ministry or American Indian tribe  Are undocumented  Are incarcerated  Could not find "affordable" coverage that cost less than 9.5% of their income If you don't get it you will be subject to a penalties. The 2014 penalties for not having health insurance are as follows:  $95 per adult and $47.50 per child (up to $285 per family), or 1% of the annual family income, whichever is greater.  The penalty is expected to go up every year until 2016. There will be financial help available to individuals who can't afford insurance? Government subsidies will be available for low and moderate income families. Use thi