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Mary makes chai masala

Once upon a time in a land far far away (literally, in Japan) we made friends with a nice couple from India. They were missionaries that worked in a print shop. We learned a few things about them and their country. One of the things that they were eager to share was their recipes. And one of the recipes was the chai masala that I am demonstrating here. 

Mary makes Artisan Bread

This is the first in a series of videos I want to share with people. We have been absent awhile now but this phase of our lives brings us around again. And with the waters of time way under the bridge we want to share some of our life experiences and tips and recipes and words etc. This is in hopes that it will help to "set you free" or "give you permission"to try some things, ponder some things, live life deliberately. Hope you enjoy and even get a bit of a chuckle (okay a load belly laugh) out of some of it. Here's the recipe:  4 cups all purpose flour (one can be whole wheat or other)  1 teaspoon salt  2 cups warm water. in a two cup measuring cup I put 1 ½ cups cold water and poured in ½ cup boiling water gets it lukewarm right away 1 tablespoon sugar  2 teaspoons yeast butter for greasing your oven safe bowls or whatever  have fun with the additives like flax or seeds or ....have fun with it

7 "forest schools" from around the country

For a number of years I ran a school for youth similar to these forest schools. We called it: Never Never adventures in the woods Never Never adventures.  Where the students teach and the teachers learn. Where there are no graduates and no degrees because the learning never stops. Eating & preparing meals was always fun We usually started out our trek into the woods with--  "We're going on a Never Never adventures. - We never know where we are going! - We never know what we are going to do!" and their favorite - "We never know if were coming back" An old deer hunters stand we found Here is an interesting article on  7 "forest schools" from around the country : "Ahh, there’s nothing better than some time with Mother Nature. Breathing the fresh air, being unplugged and disconnected, experiencing the peacefulness of the outdoors ... it’s pretty fantastic. When kids go outside and play in nature, there are real benef