7 "forest schools" from around the country

For a number of years I ran a school for youth similar to these forest schools. We called it:

Never Never adventures in the woods
Never Never adventures. 
Where the students teach and the teachers learn.
Where there are no graduates and no degrees because the learning never stops.

Eating & preparing meals was always fun
We usually started out our trek into the woods with-- 
"We're going on a Never Never adventures.
- We never know where we are going!
- We never know what we are going to do!" and their favorite
- "We never know if were coming back"

An old deer hunters stand we found

Here is an interesting article on 7 "forest schools" from around the country:
"Ahh, there’s nothing better than some time with Mother Nature. Breathing the fresh air, being unplugged and disconnected, experiencing the peacefulness of the outdoors ... it’s pretty fantastic. When kids go outside and play in nature, there are real benefits to both physical health and emotional well-being. The only problem is, kids are spending less time in nature and more time hooked up to their tablets, smartphones, and video games. Maybe it’s time to put down that device and take a walk in the woods! That's why in Denmark, “forest kindergartens” have scrapped the traditional preschool classroom. These schools take kids back into nature, allowing them to learn through free play and exploration. And this less structured preschool setup seems to be working. According to a recent report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Danish schools outperformed American schools in math and science. Luckily, Danes aren’t the only ones taking early childhood education back into nature. There is a growing movement of forest schools right here in the United States as well. Here are just a few of them (and they’re all pretty awesome)."
Another article talking about forest schools in Denmark


  1. Thank you for nurturing the future of children in our community for years by teaching them so much, from gathering wild edibles, to mindfulness and balance with the forest and river, to cooking, to connecting...You and John provided a treasure to each child and as a mom I'm forever thankful!!!

    1. What a joy to work with all that creative,lively, wonderful energy


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