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Allelon & Investing in Social Capital

As a frugal Prosumer I believe my most important investment is social capital. Social capital is created by practicing Allélón (Greek word for one another)
Social capital isn’t a new idea, although the term itself is relatively recent. In the past we’ve called it other things: goodwill, fellowship, community. The concept existed in ancient cultures as “the golden rule”, or the Biblical admonition to do unto others as you’d have them do unto you (practicing Allelon).
“The core idea of social capital theory is that social networks have value,” writes Robert Putnam in Bowling Alone. “Just as a screwdriver (physical capital) or a college education (human capital) can increase productivity (both individual and collective), so too social contacts affect the productivity of individuals and groups…Social capital refers to the connections among individuals — social networks and the norms of reciprocity and trustworthiness that arise from them. You create social capital when you do volunteer work,…

Mary makes a garden cart-- Part 1 Wheels

So John wants me to make my own garden cart cause it’s simple don’t cha know? He’s been making carts off and on for years and I really like this design.

If you’ve seen the firewood video you will understand how cool this one is. Anyway, he informs me that I don’t get to practice and he gives me the tools and well,,,,,,um,,,,,I start working. Seriously, this is not staged. I’d like to see some of you get those wheels off a bike in two minutes. ...which turned into more.

But I did have fun, and John did roll his eyes a bit. Stay tuned. I’m sure you’ll be laughing with me. But the cart is truely worth the work.

Here is the link to part 2: