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Allelon & Investing in Social Capital

As a frugal Prosumer I believe my most important investment is social capital.  Social capital is created by practicing Allélón  ( Greek word for one another) Social capital isn’t a new idea, although the term itself is relatively recent. In the past we’ve called it other things: goodwill, fellowship, community. The concept existed in ancient cultures as “the golden rule”, or the Biblical admonition to do unto others as you’d have them do unto you  (practicing Allelon) . “The core idea of social capital theory is that social networks have value,” writes Robert Putnam in Bowling Alone. “Just as a screwdriver ( physical capital ) or a college education ( human capital)  can increase productivity (both individual and collective), so too social contacts affect the productivity of individuals and groups…Social capital refers to the connections among individuals — social networks and the norms of reciprocity and trustworthiness that arise from them. You create social cap

Mary makes a garden cart-- Part 1 Wheels

So John wants me to make my own garden cart cause it’s simple don’t cha know? He’s been making carts off and on for years and I really like this design. If you’ve seen the firewood video you will understand how cool this one is. Anyway, he informs me that I don’t get to practice and he gives me the tools and well,,,,,,um,,,,,I start working. Seriously, this is not staged. I’d like to see some of you get those wheels off a bike in two minutes. ...which turned into more. But I did have fun, and John did roll his eyes a bit. Stay tuned. I’m sure you’ll be laughing with me. But the cart is truely worth the work. Here is the link to part 2: