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Mary does John‘s birthday

So why post a birthday party! Well, each birthday is actually a thing to celebrate. Tradition 🎶 🎶. John celebrated his fourth year of life after the diagnosis of cancer and chemo journey and continuing journey. I am so glad to still have my hubby. So this is a video journal of that day and the morning after. John was gifted with food for the dinner and some new tools. Dinner was a mixture of Chinese and Japanese. Johns favorites.

Apple Cider Pressing

As usual, we have incorporated our    “I think I can do that” philosophy into the whole cider making experience of our many years of marriage. We have come a long way baby to this method that works great for us and no matter what we have produced some very tasty apple cider as well as apple cider vinegar. 

Mary Makes Greek Yogurt

     Join me as I tackle some Greek yogurt. Or basically yogurt drained of it’s whey resulting in a sour creamish consistency.       Rumor has it that a Greek company first introduced it into this country (or was it actually Turkish?).      Anyway it’s here and if you want to make your own and call it whatever nationality you please, then be my guest. Enjoy