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196 Neat Free Frugal Prosumer Downloads

Here is a list of books/manuals/articles that could be useful to the Frugal Prosumer. One of the first books on the list "Where there is no Doctor" is an absolute must. I have used it for years and many people I know have used it as one of their main references when doing medical aid in third world countries. I highly recommend getting a bound copy of this book in case power goes out. It could save your life. This site by Fernando Ferfal and his book is very informative if you're interested in learning about what happens when a very advanced country goes bad and everyone has to become Frugal Prosumers. SURVIVING IN ARGENTINA: 196 Neat Free Survival Downloads These are all stored on Google Doc's  First Aid Where-There-is-No-Dentist-Murray-Dickson.pdf Where-There-Is-No-Doctor.pdf survival-personal-wilderness-medical-kit.pdf Wound Closure Manual Full-First-Aid-Manual-FM-2111.pdf Emergency War Surgery Ditch-Medicine-Advanced-Field-Procedures-For-Emergencie

Rain Gutter garden beds

Former Iowa resident  Suzane Forsling   uses rain gutter to plant her  vegetables  in. "I am from Iowa, so I have an inherent need to grow vegetables. Each winter, I dream up ways of trying to garden in Juneau's environment which, so far, has really frustrated me. Courtesy Of Suzanne Forsling Nothing I tried works very well. Like many homes in the Juneau area, our yard has its problems. We live near the glacier, so the soil is cold and has very little organic matter, there are lots of big trees shading it, and we have all the slugs and root maggots anyone could want, with porcupines, cats, bears and ravens meandering to boot. There is only one side of our house that gets much sunshine, and, of course, that side of the house has the smallest yard. It is really just an alleyway between ours and the neighbors. I might eventually put in some cold frames, but can't really afford that this year with all the extra money going to the high energy an

Avoid private student loans at all cost by Clark Howard

If you're not familiar with Clark Howard, you definitely should be. He is hands down the most practical person on handling money and I am a great fan of his radio show. I consider his advice gold. Here are a few words of advice from him. He has much more at "I read in  The New York Times  that student loan debt is being called the "anti-dowry" because it hangs around your neck like an albatross in your 20s and 30s and makes you less of an attractive prospect for marriage. Now comes word from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that  private student loans stink . Just like I've always said!" A warning for parents and grandparents Parents do not feel guilty that the expenses of providing for your family are preventing or have prevented you from saving for your children's college education. Let go of that guilt. It's more important to save for your own retirement, because there are no scholarships, loans

Online Learning: Udacity and Coursera is this Educations Future?

Online Learning: Udacity and Coursera Comparison | UnCollege