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The Myth Of Compound Interest

Good article by The Deliberate Agrarian. A blog I have followed for years and who's book on making a apple cider press has greatly influenced me. I press a thousand or more pounds of apples every year. My press use to do one gallon at a time. Now using adaptations of his his plans I am up to 7 gallons each pressing. The Deliberate Agrarian: The Myth Of Compound Interest A Basic Lesson In Financial Repression Here is a good article on the lie of the Compound Interest Myth. Over 30 years ago I came to the same conclusion. For many years I religiously followed the idea that I could become a millionaire if I just put a few hundred dollars away every month. I too now only invest in what I call my homestead. It has paid off hugely but not in the way the Robber Barons wanted me to follow.

Is True Self-Reliance a Myth?

A good article on the importance of one another in achieving "self-reliance".   Is True Self-Reliance a Myth? One another is the most important parts of "self-reliance". Following are some quotes from the article. "Self-reliance is a wonderful ideal that is hardwired in the American psyche. Stories of the pioneers who went west and set up homesteads give us a romantic feeling that can draw us toward a rural way of life. However, that feeling has also led many people into the brick wall of homesteading reality. Living the self-sufficient life is harder than it looks. It’s important to get a realistic look first." "It takes a lot of work from many different people to give us the enjoyments we have right now. Homesteader families had to work as a close-knit team, even young children, in order to contribute enough energy to make the homestead successful enough to just survive. The ability to read this article on the web required many things most p