The Myth Of Compound Interest

Good article by The Deliberate Agrarian. A blog I have followed for years and who's book on making a apple cider press has greatly influenced me. I press a thousand or more pounds of apples every year. My press use to do one gallon at a time. Now using adaptations of his his plans I am up to 7 gallons each pressing.

The Deliberate Agrarian: The Myth Of Compound Interest A Basic Lesson In Financial Repression

Here is a good article on the lie of the Compound Interest Myth. Over 30 years ago I came to the same conclusion. For many years I religiously followed the idea that I could become a millionaire if I just put a few hundred dollars away every month.

I too now only invest in what I call my homestead. It has paid off hugely but not in the way the Robber Barons wanted me to follow.