Is True Self-Reliance a Myth?

A good article on the importance of one another in achieving "self-reliance".  Is True Self-Reliance a Myth?

One another is the most important parts of "self-reliance".
Following are some quotes from the article.

"Self-reliance is a wonderful ideal that is hardwired in the American psyche. Stories of the pioneers who went west and set up homesteads give us a romantic feeling that can draw us toward a rural way of life. However, that feeling has also led many people into the brick wall of homesteading reality. Living the self-sufficient life is harder than it looks. It’s important to get a realistic look first."
"It takes a lot of work from many different people to give us the enjoyments we have right now. Homesteader families had to work as a close-knit team, even young children, in order to contribute enough energy to make the homestead successful enough to just survive. The ability to read this article on the web required many things most people cannot do and certainly no one could do entirely on their own." 
"In short, if you are enamored with the idea of self-reliance recognize that it may not be as rosy as you might think. You will need a large skill set that most Americans don’t have any more. Set aside the idea of being completely self-reliant and focus instead on one vital skill for survival (learn it well and move to the next skill), and think more along the lines of community self-reliance than individual self-reliance. That’s a much more realistic and achievable goal."