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The Balanced Frugal Prosumer

One thing The Frugal Prosumer understands is balance. Being too frugal or not frugal enough can both keep you from living free. A slavish dedication to being a prosumer may not be the most frugal way.  Let me show you how this works out in our life this week. It’s the first really warm day of spring. Bad mistake thinking I would get some writing done on my book. From nine this morning till 11 at night we had 17 people drop by. We fed over half of them. Not so frugal with time or resources? That depends. Whatever, we had a blast.  As I was stressing out about how I wasn’t getting any work done I realized what a blessing that I was free to spend the time with people and have such good fellowship. In the end: People helped me clean up the yard and put up some firewood. We had a blast chasing suckers up and down the river (a new experience for many). We caught a dozen of these one to two pound fish which we promptly cooked up on a camp fire and ate with rice. To this we added food that p

"Contain" Yourself

I have a little cottage industry where I make and sell herbal salves,lip balms,body creams etc. I am always on the look out for things to put my products in.The frugal/healthy part of this is that you are in control of what goes into what goes on your body.If you’re just making it for yourself you need not buy new containers. Yesterday I spent a fair amount of time searching the bottle and packaging sites for the best deal on containers.Over all there was not a huge price difference. Some would sell the jar with lid and the shipping was more. Some you had to buy the lid separately. Of course I’m looking for those few more cent savings. This time I am on the look out for sample containers. Try a little, you’ll like it. But I don’t want the thing to cost tons. And I am not adverse to recycling either. However at the craft store I came upon empty paint containers. Little bitty ones like the size you get in a paint by number. 12 to a pack for 3 bucks. At that price I was up near the be

Gardening Time

It’s frugal prosumer gardening time. Actually, it’s anyone gardening time. We choose to do it the four foot square way. We now have 21 boxes prepared for planting. But wait, 4 of them already have the last year fall planting of garlic coming up. One of them houses our chocolate mint. Two are holding various greens. Half of one is stocked with peas who have been peeking out within the last few days. Well, one of them has two gorgeous rose bushes and two have strawberry plants. One has 5 chive plants. So the rest are yet to be planted. This is the second year of intense experimenting with what grows well here in the north by the lake in a flood plain. And I must say that the chard did well last year. Along with the peas, salad greens,cucumbers,kale,carrots,beans and what have you. We have found this 4 ft. square gardening to be efficient and easy to care for. With good size paths between we can get wheel barrels and lawn mower down. But at the end of the summer last year we came across

Gone Fishin

It is the time of year where fish swim in more places than the river. They weave themselves in and out of John’s thoughts and wanderings as he is faced with that ever-present thread of water winding it’s way around two sides of our property. This year it has been proclaimed that we will can the suckers. That’s not slang. Suckers are fish. I remember times when I accompanied John on his night sucker hunts. He would wade into the water and be bumping into the things. They made a sound like kissing the top of the water. I even have a fairly descent recipe that I will share with you here. One thing about fish runs. When they happen they happen and you drop everything to get to the putting-up. So that book we’re writing may get put on hold but hey we’re only practicing what we’re preaching. Not so much suckers, but carp, are somewhat considered “trash fish”. Common, plentiful,difficult to eat and kinda ugly. So one is scoffed at when they actually speak of catching and eating. One da