The Balanced Frugal Prosumer

One thing The Frugal Prosumer understands is balance. Being too frugal or not frugal enough can both keep you from living free. A slavish dedication to being a prosumer may not be the most frugal way. 

Let me show you how this works out in our life this week. It’s the first really warm day of spring. Bad mistake thinking I would get some writing done on my book. From nine this morning till 11 at night we had 17 people drop by. We fed over half of them. Not so frugal with time or resources? That depends. Whatever, we had a blast. 

As I was stressing out about how I wasn’t getting any work done I realized what a blessing that I was free to spend the time with people and have such good fellowship. In the end: People helped me clean up the yard and put up some firewood. We had a blast chasing suckers up and down the river (a new experience for many). We caught a dozen of these one to two pound fish which we promptly cooked up on a camp fire and ate with rice. To this we added food that people brought, cooked up some turkey brats, had day old toast and doughnuts that our baker friend dropped off, drank some apple cider from last years press.We had a feast.