"Contain" Yourself

I have a little cottage industry where I make and sell herbal salves,lip balms,body creams etc. I am always on the look out for things to put my products in.The frugal/healthy part of this is that you are in control of what goes into what goes on your body.If you’re just making it for yourself you need not buy new containers.

Yesterday I spent a fair amount of time searching the bottle and packaging sites for the best deal on containers.Over all there was not a huge price difference. Some would sell the jar with lid and the shipping was more. Some you had to buy the lid separately. Of course I’m looking for those few more cent savings.

This time I am on the look out for sample containers. Try a little, you’ll like it. But I don’t want the thing to cost tons. And I am not adverse to recycling either. However at the craft store I came upon empty paint containers. Little bitty ones like the size you get in a paint by number. 12 to a pack for 3 bucks. At that price I was up near the better deal I found on the Internet. I know that if I were to buy them by the thousands I would come out ahead but I’m not that big a production yet and anyway I am a tad bit short on the funds.

With the added savings that a coupon provides I come out way ahead. I can go on line, print one out and have that pack at a fraction of the cost. Oh glee, oh wringing of hands.

Here are some of my resources for the containers I use. They have all been very efficient, prompt and satisfying:

SKS bottling and packaging (no minimum)
Specialty bottling (no minimum)
CPN (they have a 10 dollar fee for under 50 dollar order)
Sunburst (no minimum)
ebeehoney.com for a better deal on lip balm tubes
my mom, friends, thrift store, the craft store (specifically, Hobby Lobby)