Mary makes pump bottle hand soap

I’ve been wanting to share my foaming hand soap with you’ll. With just a few ingredients you can have your own at a fraction of the cost. 
And with the addition of some anti bacterial and affordable essential oils, you can do one more thing to help you in this season of the flu plus in light of the Coronavirus to be a tad bit more proactive. 
John’s definitely got a compromised immune system with his cancer treatments for the last four years. Using the pump bottle has made it easier and more efficient I might add to do the constant hand washing the medical profession has told us to do.
Oh and for you “environmentalists”, you can conserve on water as you don’t have to have the it running for that 20 seconds or so that you should be soaping up as the pump foam is already moist and you don’t have turn on the water until you rinse it off.
So watch and learn eh? And hopefully soon the video on easy peezy antiseptic wipes.