Soldier of Luxury

A very good article that helps understand the Frugal Prosumer Philosophy of Live Rich on Less

Read it at: Soldier of Luxury | Mr. Money Mustache

This concept of “I can be absolutely happy, with virtually nothing” is critically important to unlocking your mind from the little cage that consumer society welds around it.
  • Most people are still stuck at, “I can be absolutely happy, if I just strike it rich and famous like the stars on TV.”
  • Accomplished high-income people improve on this a little, saying “I will be truly happy – as soon as I have about twice what I have right now.”
  • With a bit more wisdom, you can get to “I can be truly happy, with exactly my life right now. Nothing more, nothing less.”
  • This is not a bad place to be, but the freedom to make positive change comes when you realize, “I can be happy with anything, I don’t need all this fluff that I have now. I am completely free to find happiness with any level of spending, consumption, complexity – or simplicity – in my life.”
from Mr. Money Mustache