Mysterious Mary by NightScanner

 Mysterious Mary by NightScanner

A woman who should go down in history books. "Mysterious…? Why mysterious?” 


Mysterious Mary has multiple disguises. I don’t think there’s a fair way to order these said disguises, so we’ll start with her cooking. Mary's cooking is pre-eminent. Not only does she grow some of her own herbs and vegetables, she can forage and pick wild edibles to create masterpieces in the kitchen. I’ve learned not to ask what is in said recipe as long as it captivates our taste buds. She is normally polite enough to warn me if I am about to burn my tongue on spicy foods. 

Below is a picture of Mary carrying a few of her adorable tiny woven baskets she uses to collect wild edibles.

Secondly, Half the time I never know what she’s brewing. I just hear the Google Mini timer blooping, dinging, and chiming away and like clock work I hear the clinking of silverware just barely masking the sound of the unknown liquid which is boiling vigorously. Oh, wait! I just heard the delightful, kooky chime from the Instant Pot timer as the lid is carefully twisted off. “AHH YES!” Mary proclaims! Her soap, creams, or other natural creations must have worked out. 

Thirdly, She’s not afraid to get down and dirty. We don’t have chickens on the property any longer. Chickens are like having flying toddlers running around. “Hey, don’t do that! Get back here! Don’t eat that! NOOO!!! Don’t poop there!” However, we have a few other rambunctious animals! The shortlist includes dogs, chippy, multiple deer, woodchucks, and Mr frog. You can’t forget him. If Mary isn’t in the kitchen, in her lab, or in her quiet space, you can usually find her outside, prospecting the yard. Included in her prospecting is drilling and collecting maple water/maple syrup. 

And lastly, and in my opinion the most important, she’s a Mother and an irreplaceable warmhearted wife. Mary's lifestyle at the Cabin is far from ordinary. I could go on for days as to why she is; let's just say nobody can replace her! Below is a picture of Mary, hubby, and son. Her love for hubby is so uniquely exclusive. I never see or hear them fight. They do bicker like a newly married couple, but that’s just cute! Like clockwork, every day, she will ask if TFP wants a dandy blend or if he has taken his daily medication.

All in All, I know I will never find another household like TFP and Mysterious Mary. I can’t thank them enough for inviting me into their house over a decade ago. Not only did Mary and TFP open their doors to me, but they also allowed my mom and me to stay for almost a year while my mom's grotesque divorce was happening. While living at the Cabins, I learned so many valuable lessons that I still use to this day. Thank you!