Watcha gettin?

Burdock plant without the burs

I was out looking for some Plantain (which this isn't) one time and a fellow came along. I could tell he was on the shy side but he managed to verbalize his thoughts. "Whatcha gettin? " he said as he slowly walked by with his aged dog. "Plantain" I said. That seemed to satisfy him. Or he was totally rejoicing in his extrovertedness in an introverted kinda way.

At any rate, whatcha gettin fits what I will be posting about as I get this and that from our property as well as "other places".

You all remember burdock and it's cling on factor. Well those burs aren't quite ready yet but I had a plant where I didn't want it so I dug it up and harvested the root.

Burdock root can be used to treat gout, rheumatism, ulcers, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. The last two problems were what I was interested in. So I cleaned and cut up the root and put a few pieces in some water to boil for about half an hour. It turned the most gorgeous color of green. And it tasted just fine.

Normally you will dig the first year plant in the fall as the energy goes into the roots to get ready for the big job the second year. But there is still a bunch of goodness in what I dug up.

I haven't been real detailed here but I am just showing ya "what I'm gettin" right now on our very own property. Natures medicine chest is all around.

I will dig the root of this first year plant in the fall
The root washed and cut up to dry for medicines

Making tea with some of the root