Frugal Prosumer: Is someone who has developed a healthy mix of producing things for their own consumption and consuming things produced by others. Thus they are not just consumers of what other people produce in the “landfill of life,” but they have a healthy balance productivity. If you are a Prosumer there are benefits: you can increase your enjoyment of life and reduce the amount of money you have to earn. But remember “balance.” Beware of swinging too far on the pendulum toward being only a consumer or only a Prosumer. Do not confuse living as a Frugal Prosumer with a life of deprivation.

Allélón: The phrase "one another" is derived from the Greek word allelon which means- one another, each other, mutually, reciprocally.

UnIncome: “Income” that comes from reducing expenses instead of wages.

Passive Income: “Income” that comes from investments and business you don’t have to be physically working for.
Robber barons: Corrupt, unscrupulous, wealthy, powerful individuals who use their positions of power to “bend”, abuse, or change laws to enrich themselves at the negative expense of others, while in the process leaving a wake of destruction and broken lives behind them. (Not to be confused with businesses and authorities that provide a valuable service in exchange for labor and money.)

Frugal Prosumer Gatherings (FPG):  Get-together to explore, discuss, learn, invest in relationships, and implement ways to help each other increase personal security in uncertain times. They explore ways to: reduce ones dependency on the money economy and consumerism, prepare for economic change, give mutual aid, inspire each other, and have fun.

The Family Business: Every family is a “business” that will bring in and spend several million dollars in its lifetime.

A Family Business: A commercial business run by a family. This is a very powerful tool of The Frugal Prosumer a is different from The Family business mentioned above.

Live Free: Has multiple meanings: Not spending money on something. Free from stress. Free to choose how and where you spend your money and time. Free to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. (Be aware that freedom has a cost to it. It may not be a monetary cost. I.e Taking free government money means you start to lose your freedom as you become more and more dependent on it.)

Surplus Principe: Sharing our surplus with those in need and others sharing their surplus with us in our time of need.

Manna Principle: Use and share (before it rusts, spoils, or gets stolen) instead of hoarding. A corollary to the Surplus Principle above.

Stewardship Principle: Recognizing that we are only managers/stewards of the earth. It is not ours.


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