Mothers Day Dinner

Every Mothers Day several of us husbands and their children get together and but on a garden dinner for our wives/mothers. This year the 'garden' was inside as the weather was on the chilly side.

Around here we are so use to using wild edibles as a normal part of our meals that we sometimes forget that we are using them. Our belief is that wild foods should me just used when camping but as a everyday contribution to our regular food.

With this dinner you will see that we have a combination of both wild & domestic food. The shishkabobs have the whole wild leek (bulbs and the green leaves), venison, red peppers and potatoes

The highlight of the meal were morels served on a plate with a whole steamed wild leek.

We usually always have wild violets on top of the salad for color but this year in the rush of things we forgot them. Even though there were lots of them growing in our lawn.

Morels done with butter, soy sauce and a little spice in cast iron frying pan.

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