The Notorious Hobo Dinner (by Ben)

The hobo dinner consists of potatoes whatever veggies and meat you want wrapped in tinfoil and cooked over the fire(and don't forget the soy sauce or whatever other seasonings you would like). This is a great meal for the hobo stove you've all made by now.

All you have to do is get some good coals burning, set the hobo dinner right inside the hobo stove, and let that baby cook . It should only take about 30 minutes maybe less. (I will probably end up making a video on how to do this).

"The Mother's" elaboration on the hobo dinner
Lay down a couple layers of tinfoil on the counter (this is an individual portion). Pull off some cabbage leaves and put a couple down first (they create a burn barrier around the food). Pile on your chopped up potatoes, onions, carrots and whatever along with chunks of meat if you're a carnivore . Plop a bit of butter on that and sprinkle with soy sauce and seasonings of choice. Cover that with another cabbage leaf . Fold up the the tinfoil around your creation and of course roll it down tight. Now do what he says to cook it.