Warning: Killer Stoves. Do you have one in your house?

Just had to do some research on this one.

While over at a friends house on New Year's Eve their brand new kitchen stove was delivered and set up. The installer asked the home owner if he wanted the anti tipping bracket installed too. This necessitated drilling into their nice floor to install it.

The home owner declined. No sooner had the installer left than the homeowner received a call from Sears to confirm that they indeed did not want the "killer" stove protection installed. Wow this was so important that they even called on New Years eve evening.

So today I had to find out what this was all about. As suspected, the robber baron litigation attorneys at it again. With a little bit of research I found out. One attorney web site stated:
Most Kitchen Ranges and Stoves Pose a Serious Threat to Millions of Americans … Stove tipping has become an unrecognized epidemic in our country that has caused more than 100 reported cases of death and injury from scalding and burns due to hot foods and liquids spilling from the stove top, and from the weight crushing anyone in the path of the tipping ranges. If you or a loved one have been injured or killed due to a stove or kitchen range tipping over, you should contact us immediately. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and/or loss and we can help.
Wow! It looks like 100 deaths. Let's take note of the little deceptions. Remember, in my book I say that a good deception must not contain any lies. No lies here but lots of making it look worse than it is. Notice they grouped deaths and injuries together so it would look like more deaths. Also they left out that it was over a 26 year time span. So it breaks down to about one death and three injuries a year. I can think of a lot more dangerous things out there than this that we could fix for less than 1/2 billion dollars!

Now any death is tragic, but we have to be sensible as resources are limited. Anyway, who really gains from this sensational disaster? I say follow the money trail. Read on.
The value of the settlement depends on how many customers respond to Sears' offer, but Public Citizen said it could end up costing the retailer more than $545 million. In addition to paying $17 million in legal fees, Sears will install brackets on all new stoves for free for the next three years.
Half a billion dollars???? How nice the dead and injured get compensated. Think again, who does most of this money go to and who pays for it. Think robber barons picking your pocket again. Dream on if you think the cost isn't going to be passed on to you.

In my book I talk about how as economic times get bad, silly laws will drop by the way side. Or even worse, silly laws are part of the cause of economic collapse. Or silly laws are the way the robber barons rob us.

Just a short lesson in reading the news behind the news to get the truth.

John says: Watch out for those rogue stoves lurking in your house. And for those who can't think of more profitable ways to make a difference in this world, you can help stop this "killer epidemic" by joining Public Citizens in what they call their killer stoves campaign.