"I'll Sleep On It" ............Not

Recently a friend let us borrow one of their books on "green"living. I was always partial to green but at first my favorite color was blue. Anyway, this bit of info might just be of interest to someone. Or I wouldn't be putting it on the blog.

It was just a little fyi on bed sheets. Permanent-press, wrinkle free, or easy care cotton or cotton blend sheets have been treated with resins that contain formaldehyde. Maybe that's why you feel as old as a mummy when you get up in the morning.

Until these sheets have been washed enough times that they are capable of wrinkling, they can emit these fumes. And you thought it was what your spouse had for dinner. No, actually you won't smell the formaldehyde.I think.

With this info in tow, it makes older sheets (pre-treatment age) preferable to the vast majority of new sheets.

Now, you can go with "natural" cotton sheets but they can be expensive. Enter the inexpensive exceptions. I love this part. You can use flannel sheets and those made of cotton knit T-shirt material. The reason? These sheets are meant to be soft so they aren't treated with the resins. One more option are linen sheets. They may be expensive but they will last and last and last.

Night, Night