Wood Sorrel

I was rather excited that on the last "walk" at the state park the wood sorrel was willing to be sampled. It's fun to watch the faces of people when they first taste it. The children usually label it the lemon plant.
We use it on an everyday basis as we check our garden. We nibble on the whole plant from its shamrock shaped leaves to its tender fuzzy stem.  It pops up everywhere and sometimes I need to send it packing so the other domesticated snobby vegetables can have a little breathing space.
Oh sure, you could mistake it for clover but clover leaves don't taste the same at all and the flower is different and the leaves are oval on a clover where the sorrel has heart shaped leaves and a yellow flower.
It grows in moist, partially shaded areas, disturbed areas, lawns and right smack dab in the middle of my vegetables (which by the way are not in the shade or a moist area).
I personally have used it in salads. It has a lot of vitamin C. Also oxalic acid but not enough to cause problems with normal usage. All in all, a refreshing little person.