Important part of Insurance Plan

Many people invest a lot in insurance and miss a very important and inexpensive "true" insurance plan.
There are several problems with conventional insurance plans (health, auto, house, unemployment, etc.)
  1. They are not designed to prevent a problem but only for after a problem or disaster has occurred.
  2. They do not provide a solution but only the money to buy the solution. That means you have to be able to get the money, be able to buy the item, and the item you need has to be available. (Which in times of disaster may not always be possible.)
  3. They can cost way to much thereby being unaffordable for many, or not even available to everyone.
Whether you have this insurance or not there are some very affordable and in some cases even more valuable ways to insure your survival or recovery from a disaster. Here is a video of an insurance plan that costs less than $100 and avoids the above mentioned problems.