Americans toss out as much as 40% of their food

Frugal Prosumers beat this issue in a number of ways.

  • Being very careful not to purchase so much that it spoils.
  • Have "clean out refrigerator day" soup or stew.
  • Use fruit on the ripe side in smoothies or freeze it for using in smoothies later.
  • Adding all scraps or left overs to compost to help grow more food in your garden.
  • Using leftovers and "mature" food for animal or chicken feed. (chickens are one of The Frugal Prosumers' ultimate tools).
  • Even your neighbors can help by donating to your compost pile or chickens. (and sometimes it's even eatable by you. shhhhh).
  • We would never think of using a garbage disposal at our house. Wait, on second thought we do. It's part of  my cider press. We just pressed over 30 gallons of apple juice from 600 pounds of free apples. Usually my garbage disposal overheats from doing this but it works even better than a regular apple press grinder.

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