Riding the Waves of Change

As many of us look around and observe, we can’t help but notice big waves of change in the economy and technology. And there are more than a few that cause us concern! Change is not new! It will always happen! The important thing is being aware of these changes and how one can turn them into opportunities instead of being a springboard for fear.
Once we recognize the facts and stop listening to the hype, we can be like the surfer who looks forward to the news that a big storm, with big waves, is coming. With the freezing waves crashing in a death-defying environment, with chaos all around, the surfer enjoys the exhilarating ride of a lifetime while the unprepared perish or get beat up. 
The surfer has learned that with the right preparation and tools, one can have the time of their life and succeed by:
  • Intensely studying the wind, waves, currents, and weather to know what and when something is going to happen.
  • Learning what makes the conditions in the chaos just right to take advantage of.
  • Lots of practice, experience, and honing skills in the smaller waves of life.
  • Learning from peers and not just going to a professional “surf school”.
  • Having the proper equipment, knowing how to use it, and what conditions it will work best in.
Our goal is to join up with others so we can mutually help each other ride and harness the power of these big waves. At the same time we can learn how to avoid the “sharp rocks” of political and religious groups, criminals, businesses, etc. that throughout history have always been looking for ways to rob us of our wealth, health, and well being for their own gain.
Understanding the two different types of “waves” and the best way to plan and prepare for each is essential.  Any good “insurance” plan needs to include both of these different types of waves.
  1. Tsunamis: (Created by major catastrophic events) good surfers know these cannot be surfed. The goal is to survive it (you can only ride it out or run to higher ground) and then a recovery plan for afterwards. These are prepared for by having an emergency plan that can be acted on in short notice, having warning systems in place, having a plan for how to survive after it. Do not make the mistake of spending all your energy here fretting, thinking and preparing for them and not enjoying or profiting from today.
  2. Regular waves: (Created by the wind/storms) are the most common and vary from small to huge. These can be harnessed, ridden, and tamed with a good education from fellow surfers and experience. Be aware, there are many in the media and elsewhere who have something to gain from calling these waves tsunamis, when they are just huge waves. Big difference.
Some big waves we see coming:
  • The big changes in health insurance laws.
  • Revolution that tablets are bringing to businesses, education, and our personal lives. 
  • The storm surge building from personal and government debt, global recession, etc.
  • Overcoming the personal road blocks, deceptions, and fast changing technology that prevents us from accomplishing our building of a successful business.
  • The renewed interest and understanding that relationships are the most important part of any business or personal happiness.
The economic storms and accompanying waves are coming!
Are we going to huddle in fear or be like the surfer who turns it into the best ride of his life? 
Vast opportunity and great hazards lie ahead.

Surf’s up! Let’s ride!