"Shelter in Place" the new term that you need to know about!


Read about “Shelter in Place” Is there a better way? Yes.  From one of my favorite bloggers
Resilient communities don’t shut down due to security/food/energy disruptions. They can self-generate much of that themselves. Often at levels of quality better than what is available from global sources."

Shelter in place  has been used  for an emergency procedure for people affected by a chemical accident or terrorist attack. But now it is being used more by homeland security to lock people in their homes. This is good at times but can also be ominous. 

“Shelter in Place” is a phrase usurped by US Homeland Security from the American Red Cross 
which means that everyone, except first responders and medical personnel, must stay at home until an all clear signal is given.

To create a resilient community that can withstand the natural and manmade disruptions we need to:

    • Find ways to locally produce the food, energy, water, and things you and your  community need — in abundance.
    • Learn how to make a living, gain economic independence, prosper in turbulent times, and build community business.
    • Build a safe and secure life for you and your family by helping to build a more resilient community to live in.