The other “C”

Recently John and I have been going through the book by Jordan Peterson, “Twelve Rules for Life: An antidote to Chaos”. He is a Canadian professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, and now a world wide speaker. Tremendous perspective, practicality, and permission to do right and be the best you can while you can. Of course so much more but worth our time to read, listen to, interact and take away what’s worth keeping. Which is a fair amount.

A wait for the doctor and time of reflection
There are more developments in the cancer chaos of our lives. It is “our” cancer. We are one in it. John asked this morning if what he is dealing with is harder than what I am going through in this journey. Let me think. In some ways yes, and the other he owns that part that is messing with his body. And yet when I watch and listen and help, I will feel a deep hurt.

Chemo is once again knocking at the door and will take place within the next week or so. Chaos to his body. Chaos to our life’s schedule (where do we have to be anyway?). Chaos to our spirits, emotions. Watch out, try not to catch anything. Immune system down. All systems on high alert. Chaos. The other big “C”?

And our mission is to run the race, finish the fight. To be. To come through with integrity still intact and to keep before us the privilege and principle of “one another” alive. Our living out “one another” to each other and those around us, so that somehow and sometimes we can help bring peace to all of our worlds of chaos.