Rose Petal Honey sweety

Some of the lovely girls from my very own garden
I had a real treat for breakfast today. I spread some homemade rose petal honey on my toast. The fragrant petals came from my garden. I have about 24 rose plants. I used to be a rose snob and only allowed the scented ones on the property. Now however, I appreciate each for their own uniqueness.

Make sure you don't use any roses that have been sprayed. I know, you don't want those pesky bugs eating them but share a bit and you get the rest. I don't even apply the bug killer to the soil that lasts for a few months. I used to and did have good success with my roses. But for this time when I use the roses in my honey and products, I will hold off. You can thank me now.

Okay, it's really easy to make this honey:
    1. Pick a bunch of Rose Petals. Wild rose, domesticated, rugosa… any fragrant rose will do.
    2. Fill any size jar with the petals. Make it a light pack. Not too few, but not in really tight either.
    3. Pour honey into the jar until it is full.
    4. Cap the jar.
    5. Turn the jar over every time you pass by it for a few days.
    6. After a few days, open up and taste! It will get better with time, but it is certainly ready after just a few days to a week.
    I strained the petals out today. You don't have to. You can spread them on and eat them. And oh my if you have access to wild roses and those deliciously fragrant petals then you are indeed fortunate.

    I followed the same procedure with the lemon verbena leaves. And yes you can use mint and other edible herbs. That's a tasty way to get some medicine in ya. Have fun and enjoy.

    This article from our 2011 herbal archives.