Mary's Musings: Are you safe?

 Are you safe?

Are you safe

A safe place for me to come into your space with the bag?

I know you like it when we laugh

When we play

That doesn’t demand words

But can I knock on your door

Come into your kitchen

Drop the bag and sit with elbows on the table 

my head in my hands

Can I tell you what’s in the bag?

It’s not pretty

It’s dark and heavy

It will dampen the sunny spirits of a place we have enjoyed happy times in

Can I not smile for now

Or do you need that?

Can I trust you 

Will you trust me

To not destroy your faith with what I share

Don’t make me state the obvious

Can I be given a pass on defending my belief in a loving God?

There is no doubt there

Is it safe here

I guess I wouldn’t come if I didn’t believe it was