🩺 A Letter to a friend about medical issues

(I won’t share the details of my friend's letter, but the first part is in response to her health issues and the frustrations that come with those issues.)

UPDATE Aug 2022: She recently went to be with the angels. We, along with her husband and 3 young kids, will dearly miss her.

Dear _________,

What to do? Some things can be very good to do, and some can maybe be too extreme. Do we trust the expertise of the doctors, or do we question their diagnosis and believe we know more than they do? These are all questions we have had and will still deal with in the future. You could go to more of a naturopathic doctor that takes a more self healing organic path. And there are doctors that have their foot in both worlds. And of course it may all be determined by the dollar.

Monitoring your own blood pressure for awhile is a good idea. Then you can see how it is at different times of the day and all. When I get a suggestion from a doctor I always politely say that I may want to try something for a month and see how it goes before a more invasive method. Thus a follow-up.

When our mutual friend got sick after the stress test thing and experienced some side effects, was that just her or is it a side effect that commonly happens? The most important thing with those chemical injections of any kind is to drink water like crazy afterwards. Then it doesn’t settle in your kidneys. They always tell John that and I become the water police. It makes sense. 

Back in the dark ages when we were so against medical stuff and I was having some problems my dad (who knew my feelings) wisely told me that I should at least go so I can rule out what I don’t have and eliminate stress. I’m not saying you need to do those tests but it is something to think about. And I know fear comes in from many doors. What will give you peace of mind and the realization that what you decide you are willing to live with. And hopefully it is a good thing eh? You are the customer. 

We have a lot more understanding and respect for the medical workers as we realize they are doing what they know to do. And yes, there is so much more than their specialized fields. So ya talk to your friends and do a little research yourself and put it all together to come to a decision. And breath. You’re still walking, still getting around, still waking up. 

Then there’s this virus and many people upset about all the "new" rules and regulations. Whatever. We lived in Japan for 8 years where masks were a norm even 20 years ago and still are. John grew up in Taiwan where not washing hands meant sickness, worms, or even death. The yellow document you carried with your passport proved you had the shots required by the country you were entering. That paper was as important as your passport in allowing you into the country or back in the USA. And the past 5 years because of John’s cancer he has a compromised immune system so we had to stay away from crowds, restaurants, going out, etc. So for us nothing has changed. But once again, personal responsibility. 

You relax and just take it easy. And I shall pray for some guidance and peace for you.

Love, Mary