We have electrified our life by using our 400 watts of solar panel along side our EcoFlowRIVER Portable Power Station 288Wh Generator. I must add that that solar generators have a deceptive name and DO NOT generate any power without the solar panels. 

This means we now have free fuel for driving around with an electric vehicles at a much lower price than a Tesla. 

Mounting our solar panel on top of the papasan chair frame allows us to precisely dial in the sun rays to maximize our solar power. On a good day we are able to recharge our EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station 288Wh Generator approximately 3 times. This allows us to charge our electric bikes two 500W batteries. 

This is not intended to be an ad!  We truly use these products on a day to day basis and highly recommend everyone has an Ecoflow river on standby incase the lights go out.