7 Ways of Getting Paid

7 Ways of Getting Paid 

This is taken from our mini-book titled "The Frugal Prosumer Philosophy of the Frugal Prosumer Business."

TFP (The Frugal Prosumer) understands money is just one of 7 ways of getting paid, and what most people consider a good “paycheck” may, in fact, be a deception. So be sure to consider all 7 of the pillars of TFP ways of being paid when calculating your wages:

1. Spirituality: Creating, being earth stewards, making the world a better place, helping others, “heaven,” building relationships between God, man, and nature, etc.

2. Psychologically: Joy that comes from creating art on the canvas of life and understanding ourselves and others. The mental health that comes from becoming freer, doing what you love, making friends, bringing joy to others, etc.

3. Education: Learning new skills that increase pleasure and wealth. Discovering ways to produce a superior service that meets the needs of others. Not having to go into debt for schooling. Taking what you’re learning on the job and turning it into an income-producing business of your own,

4. Health: Real health “assurance,” not just commercial health insurance (which is really only sickness insurance). A “job” that you love that contributes to your own and the health of others. Lifestyle and stress are the biggest things affecting health, and a prosumer lifestyle offers many more options for reducing these stressors.

5. Finances: The standard paycheck, business, and fringe benefits. But understanding UnIncome and relationships are your greatest source of income. Adding your own Frugal Prosumer business can further reduce financial risk and stress by having multiple streams of income.

6. Prosumerism: Acquiring skills that enable you to live Rich-on-Less, produce UnIncome, and more of what you consume. It’s needing to have less pay by reducing involvement in the commercialization of life.

7. Security: Safety and peace of mind that comes from the resiliency of being a prosumer and having many relationships that enables one to withstand the blows of life better. The security of not needing as much or being dependent on just one paycheck or source of income, currently or after retirement.